Long term report: Ford Focus ST #5

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What a great idea! Why don't others follow suit?

Given the number of cars that we see here at Car Dealer Towers, you won't be surprised to learn that we get to see our fair share of new bits of kit. Most of these are gadgets with questionable value, in an attempt to try to set a particular model apart from its rivals. However, occasionally, something comes along that makes you wonder why it hasn't been thought of before.
If I needed a new reason to love the ST (which I didn't), the automatic door edge protectors are it and in the recent storms they have saved me a couple of times from nasty chips and damage.

My drive runs down the side of my house and a couple of times the wind has caught the Focus doors, whipping them open.

No problem, the ingenious plastic door edge protector that pops out when the door opens comes to the rescue. It's a simple solution and one of those rare genius ideas that comes along every now and then.

Why everyone else hasn't followed suit yet is beyond me!

Yet another reason why I would put my own money into a new ST, not that I needed it, this is the car that keeps on giving!

The knowledge:

Model: Ford Focus ST-3 5-door Price: £27,730
Engine: 2.0-litre 6-speed manual
Power: 247bhp
Max speed: 154mph
0-62mph: 6.5sec
Emissions: 159g/km
Mpg: 41.5 (combined)
Mileage this month: 944
This month's highlight:
Keeping the car in tip-top condition despite my awkward driveway

Author: Andy Entwistle
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