Meet the madcap Rinspeed Etos: an autonomous car with its own drone


Swiss automotive car company Rinspeed has a reputation for creating crazy concept vehicles that are packed with upcoming technology but its latest design is perhaps the wackiest yet.

Dubbed Etos, the BMW i8-based car features extensive re-working of the exterior bodywork, including a rear platform that allows easy landing and take-off for an on-board drone.
The company suggests the drone could be used to film the vehicle while driving, pick up products or snap selfies that can be uploaded to social media sites on the move.

Things get even weirder when you step inside, as the steering wheel automatically folds into the dash when the car enters a fully autonomous mode. The car's makers claim this frees up space for the driver to read a book or relax, while curved 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors provide the entertainment.

Harman Connected Car technologies have worked closely with Rinspeed to create the next generation of infotainment system that acts like a personal assistant. It can react to an occupant's mood, offer entertainment suggestions, highlight tourist attractions along he route and synchronise with diaries to offer appointment reminders.


Bizarrely, the interior fuses futuristic highlights, such as the dual screens, with traditional elements like a self-winding mechanical Swiss clock that sits in the very centre of the dash.

Ultra-HD video cameras are dotted both inside and out of the car, allowing it constantly monitor its surroundings to provide a safe and efficient autonomous driving experience, while also permitting video conferencing when driving duties are handed over to the car.

Other notable tech highlights include contactless payment chips that are embedded in the wing mirrors and a rear deck that hosts 12,000 individual LEDs so it can be used as an illuminated message board.

The car will go on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, where it is sure to attract the attention of inquisitive punters.

Take a tour of the vehicle via the slideshow below:

Rinspeed Etos Concept
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Meet the madcap Rinspeed Etos: an autonomous car with its own drone
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