Batman fan dedicates life to creating Batmobile replicas

Garage Makes Twenty-Two 1966 Batmobiles For The Rich And Famous

A fanatical Batman fan has created a career building exact replicas of the 1966 Batmobile.

Mark Racop began his love affair with the car as a child, before attempting to create his first replica car in 1983. From there, he progressed in order to create more accurate replicas.
In 1986, Racop watched all 120 Batman episodes while taking notes in order to get accurate plans on how to build the next Batmobile. In doing so, he filled three ring binders with notes and drawings.

After purchasing an original replica sculpture of a 1955 Lincoln Futura on which the Batmobile was based on, Racop was able to establish his company, Fiberglass Freaks, basing the workshop in Logansport, Indiana.

From there, the business grew, with the first Batmobile replica produced in the new premises selling at auction for just under £55,000.

Racop and his team have just completed their twenty-second Batmobile replica, and have become officially licensed by DC Comics to produce the car.
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