Drift car tyre flies off wheel in freak accident

Drifting Race Car Sends Tire Flying Into the Crowd

A group of trackside staff were unlucky enough to get a closer view of a drift race than they were expecting – after a freak accident caused a tyre to fly off one of the cars and straight into them.

Filmed at the King of Europe drifting races in Karpacz, Poland, the footage sees the drift car come flying up the track in a cloud of tyre smoke.
As the car attempts to enter another drift, its tyre somehow flies off the wheel hub and heads straight for a group of race side marshals.

The impact is heavy, knocking many of the group to their feet. The tyre then comes to a stop just behind the team of shell-shocked marshals. As is always said, motorsport is dangerous, but this group probably got more danger than they had bargained for.

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