Here's how to safely cycle the roads of Amsterdam

Here's how to safely cycle the road of Amsterdam
Here's how to safely cycle the road of Amsterdam

Anyone who's ever been to Amsterdam or the Netherlands in general will know that the Dutch love to cycle.

At all times of the year and in all weather conditions, Dutch roads are filled with people cycling and there are now even more bikes in the Netherlands than there are people.

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For tourists visiting Amsterdam, hopping on a bike to get you from a to b can be the perfect way to get around but it can also be a technical nightmare.

Iamsterdam, the official website for the City of Amsterdam, have come up with the perfect solution in the form of a hilarious video instructing you just how to deal with the Dutch roads.

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The instructional video is presented by Maxim Hartman, a well known Dutch comedian and TV presenter.

He gives the viewers various pieces of advice on how to travel around the city safely, although it's fair to say a lot of it isn't that serious.

Hartman gives a general introduction to start: "We can cycle almost everywhere on every road. But we prefer to do it on the cycle paths."

Adding: "Always choose the cycle path on the right side of the road."

Some of the slightly offbeat advice includes carrying a potato at all times in case you get hungry, lying on the ground to try and get on your bike and not smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol while cycling.

But some of the helpful advice includes crossing the tram rails horizontally so you don't get trapped in them, stopping for pedestrians at zebra crossings and being aware of who's behind you and not stopping suddenly.

Amsterdam's mayor, Eberhart van der Laan, even gets involves, saying: "Dear tourists, welcome to our beautiful city. Happy cycling, is safe cycling."

So, for those planning on visiting the Dutch capital in the near future, bear Maxim's advice in mind when you take to the cycle lanes!

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