Only 36.6 hours of sunshine in 'dullest November for 86 years'


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The UK has endured its dullest November for 86 years, the Met Office said.

According to provisional statistics, there were only 36.6 hours of sunshine recorded last month - just under two thirds of the long-term average.

The Met office said November 2015 was also mild. The UK's mean temperature was 8.2C (46.8F) - two above the November average - and it was the third warmest on record in England.

Wales experienced its second warmest November, with forecasters pointing out a temperature of 22.4C (72.3F) was recorded at Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, at the beginning of the month.

Residents in that region can also boast having experienced the sunniest day, with almost a full nine hours recorded at Aberporth on November 1.

The lowest minimum temperature for November was -5.6C (21.9F), recorded at Benson, South Oxfordshire, while the deepest snow - 9cm (3.5in) - fell at Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland on Monday.

Forecasters said there had been an absence of frosts, aside from a marked three-day cold snap from November 21.

The Met Office said: "This has led to the low levels of sunshine, especially in the south and west of the UK."

Rainfall was above average across most areas.