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Jess Bown

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Dear Fixer,

I wonder if you are able to help me? On October 9, I entered a raffle offering the chance to win a smartphone with a London-based company called Funkycloc of London.

I entered my personal details to take part in the draw, but while I did not win anything, the sum of £75.93 was charged to my Lloyds credit card on October 13.

I have since cancelled the credit card, but have not been able to recoup the money taken from my account.

Peter Huxley, Shrewsbury

Dear Mr Huxley,

A quick internet search reveals that you were not the only person taken in by this scam.

Following my intervention, your bank Lloyds has therefore taken action to secure your account and has refunded the money taken while it attempts to recoup the funds from Funkycloc.

A Lloyds spokeswoman said: "It would appear that the 'competition entry' is not all that it seemed to Mr Huxley and has resulted in a recurring transaction.

"We have therefore keyed a stop on his account to prevent this merchant making further debits, and have requested the funds be charged back on the grounds that Mr Huxley wasn't aware he was entering into a recurring payment."

The missing £75.93 has been credited to your account as a temporary credit in the meantime.

The Fixer

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Are You The Victim Of A Credit Card Scam?
Are You The Victim Of A Credit Card Scam?