Woman survives horrific encounter with 4x4

A Russian woman has escaped possible life-threatening injuries after being brought down by a 4x4 driver who sped through a red light.

The 52-year-old suffered a broken jaw after harmlessly walking across the road on a pedestrian crossing in the south-western Russian city of Nalchik when the Toyota Land Cruiser mowed her down and rolled over her skull twice.
The incident was caught on camera with the pedestrian seen vanishing underneath first the car's front wheels and then again under its back wheels as the hapless driver continues to drive over her body.

The man driving immediately stops and gets out to aid the helpless woman. Visibly distressed, the driver does not seem to know what to do before fellow drivers on the busy road stop to offer their assistance.

The injured lady slowly begins to move and is clearly still alive despite clutching her head in obvious pain.

An ambulance came to the woman's aid and took her to the nearest hospital where her jaw was treated. She was also checked for concussion given the impact that her skull took.

The man driving the car has been reportedly investigated by Police for dangerous driving. However, it is thought that he was simply not paying attention to the road when the incident took place and wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Author: Jordan Scearce
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