Dolphins join horses for a paddle (video)

Horses Swim with Dolphins
There are a few things you might expect to see while out for a gallop on the beach, but these riders were in for quite a treat when a pod of dolphins made their way towards the shore.

The footage shows the two horses edging slowly into the water while the dolphins can be seen bobbing around in the shallow sea, their fins just visible about the surface.

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Horses are perfectly capable of swimming, but it can also be very dangerous unless the rider is careful.

According to the Horse Channel, riders should always be aware of their horse's abilities, especially if introducing them to water for the first time. The animals can tire easily in water, particularly if they have a rider on their back.

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In 2013 we reported on the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Thousands flock to see the magnificent animals take to the water in the half mile swim across the Assateague Channel.

After the swim the horses are paraded down Main Street towards carnival grounds where an auction takes place, the adult ponies then do the return swim later in the day.

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