Tesla issue recall after seatbelt fault found

Tesla Model S
Telsa Motors has been forced into recalling over 90,000 cars due to a major seatbelt issue that threatens to risk the safety of its customers across the globe.

Drivers of the American firm's Model S car have been strongly encouraged to take the new electric car into a service centre to get the front seat belt assemblies checked out.
The car has been on the road since 2012 however the company suggested that 'in the event of a crash a seat belt in this condition would not provide full protection', and the recall is the largest ever for the company in its 12-year existence.

The recommendation has been deemed voluntary and as of yet there have been no injuries or accidents that have a direct correlation with the fault. However Telsa has vowed that they are "going to look at every single car" to get to the root of the problem.

The issue first came to light when a European customer alerted the company after their seatbelt assembly had broken when the driver had turned to speak with passengers who were on the backseats.

Since then, Telsa has alerted every customer who owns the luxurious electric car, via email, to take the vehicle into a local Telsa service shop. It has even offered to send out technicians to customers' homes in a bid to avoid a potential disaster.

This problem is not the first for the Model S. The company recently came under fire from consumer reports which said after a number of tests, that the Model S had "too many problems to recommend".

The price of the Model S starts at around £48,000 rising to £80,000, however the American automotive giants say that the cost of the repair, which should only take around six minutes, will be "immaterial".

Author: Jordan Scearce
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