Porsche claim Paul Walker was responsible for his own death

Porsche Responds to Paul Walker Wrongful Death Lawsuit: He 'Voluntarily Assumed All Risks'

Porsche has claimed that Paul Walker was responsible for his own death in 2013

The Fast and Furious star died in a high-speed crash when he was a passenger in Porsche's 2005 Carrera GT.
Now the manufacturer has responded to Walker's daughter's claims that the carmaker took safety shortcuts.

Following a four-month investigation, Porsche claimed that the actor "voluntarily assumed all risks," by entering the car with driver Roger Rodas - who also died.

Police findings suggest that Rodas was driving at 94mph (151kph) in a 45mph zone in a car that Porsche also claim was 'abused and altered.'

Porsche's defence papers also added: "He chose to conduct himself in a manner so as to expose himself to such perils, dangers and risks, this assuming all the risks involved in using the vehicle.

However, Ms Walker's representative told TMZ in response: "Paul was the passenger in a car that was not designed to protect its occupants, in a crash on a dry, empty straightaway in board daylight and at speeds well below the vehicles advertised capabilities."

Author: Ollie Harvey

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