Iceland from the air: Drone captures beautiful footage

Drone Footage Captures the Beauty of Iceland
From ice covered waters and powerful waterfalls to lush green mountains and steaming solfataras, this timelapse footage captures the beauty and diversity of Iceland's scenery.

This footage shows the amazing variety of landscapes in Iceland, a country many may think of as snow covered for most of the year.

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In fact we have the opportunity to witness everything from high-sided, rocky ravines to steaming azure geysers and snow-capped glaciers.

One shot even appears to show and abandoned plane partly submerged into the famous black sand that can be found on some Icelandicbeaches.

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This aerial footage was captured by a drone and even shows translucent icebergs sitting in the water before cutting to a stunning purple and red hued sunset.

You may think the summer holidays is the best time of year to visit Iceland, with longer days to make the most of this beautiful scenery but the country is also well worth visiting in Autumn.

Tourist numbers and hotel rates drop as soon as the summer season is over and you've also got a good chance of witnessing the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights.

However visiting during the summer months will mean you're in with a chance of witnessing the midnight sun.

The skies will be lit up in a haze of pinks, reds and golds for just a moment before the sun dips quickly below the horizon.

It may make sleeping early in the evening tricky, but it's well worth staying up to watch the spectacle.

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Iceland from the air: Drone captures beautiful footage

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