Top 10 gambling cities around the world

Top 10 Gambling Cities

Gambling is an incredibly risky pursuit, and should only ever be done with money you can afford to lose. However, if you're keen to give it a go, you may as well do it somewhere interesting. WatchMojo has counted down the top 10 picks for the best gambling cities around the world.

For this list it has chosen cities with the best reputations for gambling around the world, ranking them on the quality and variety of casinos available, how good the value for money is, what other activities are on offer and how much money flows through the casinos in the area.

10. Los Angeles, California, USA

LA might be pretty close to the home of gambling, Las Vegas, but it's a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Commerce Casino is one of the City of Angels' best known establishment and the city itself actually produces some of the world's best poker players.

9. Paris, France

Since online gambling used to be illegal in France, casinos used to be the only place in the city where gamblers could satisfy their appetite. Although the city maybe be better known for it's numerous iconic landmarks, there are also a number of casinos that can compete with the best of them.

8. Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

Gambling might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of visiting this tropical paradise but, surprisingly, it's one of the things that the Bahamas is really good at. Atlantis Paradise Island resort hosts the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure Tournament every year. Meanwhile, Nassau is known for the Crystal Palace casino.

7. Marina Bay, Singapore

If you're looking for a huge place where the options for gambling seem endless, you don't need to look any further than the Marina Bay Sands Casino. The casino is enormous, with over 2,500 rooms, multiple swimming pools, night clubs and the largest atrium casino on the planet.

6. London, England

London private casinos have a reputation being high quality and extremely exclusive. London's public casinos are popular too and have a minimum bet of £25.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica

This city is well known for both the variety and affordability of casinos. There are more than 15 casinos within San Jose.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

The city may have been hit hard by the recession, but for those who live in the north eastern US it still holds its atractions. With the industry being more or less what the city is built around, it's a must-visit destination for those looking to gamble in the area.

3. Macau, China

It may not be as well known as it's neighbour across the river, Hong Kong, but this peninsula is one of the best reasons to visit Asia if you're into gambling. Tourists and gambling companies from all over, including Vegas, seem to be flocking to this extremely wealthy part of the continent. This former Portuguese colony derives about half of its economy from its casinos.

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

This has to be one of the most famous places in the world for gambling, and not without reason. It's one of the wealthiest places in Europe and its reputation for gambling comes from casinos that were built there in the 19th century, specifically the famous Casino de Monte Carlo.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Is it really any surprise that Sin City has claimed the top spot? Although Nevada's Reno also has quite a reputation for gambling, there's nothing quite like chancing your cash in Las Vegas.

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