Look at these beautiful pictures of waterfalls around the world

Beautiful images of waterfalls around the world

Looking through these incredible images of waterfalls around the world, it's hard to believe that they weren't created using timelapse photography, but amazingly, they weren't.

These photographers have captured the beauty of a number of waterfalls around the world, including Niagara Falls in the USA and Mooney Falls in Havasupai, Grand Canyon.

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Timelapse, or long exposure photography has become increasingly popular recently with photographers using the technique to capture one specific scene over a period of time.

Working on a long exposure image involves slowing the shutter speed right down so that a series of still images are captured to create one full image. This technique is sometimes used by photographers wanting to capture the movement of traffic over time in a city or for extreme weather conditions, among other things.

Take a look through these beautiful pictures from professional photographers across the world and appreciate the beauty of these waterfalls.

Hidden Kingdom​ by Alister Benn (taken in Iceland)

Hidden Kingdom by Alister Benn on 500px.com

Awoken Despair by Alexandre Dechaumes (taken at Cascade du Rouget, French Alps)

Awoken Despair by Alexandre Deschaumes on 500px.com

Beyond Reality by Felix Röser​ (taken at Seljalandsfoss in south Iceland)

Beyond reality by Felix Röser on 500px.com

Breathing Dreams: NY by Shannon Kalahan (taken at Taughannock Falls in New York​)

Breathing Dreams :: NY by Shannon Kalahan on 500px.com

Niagara Falls by Ed Norton

Niagara Falls by Ed Norton on 500px.com

Iguazu Falls by Domingo Leiva

Iguazu Falls (Argentina - Brasil) by Domingo Leiva on 500px.com

Seljalandsfoss by Sarah Martinet (taken in Iceland)

Seljalandsfoss by Sarah Martinet on 500px.com

Money Falls Vertigo by Mark Gvazdinskas (taken in Havasupai area of the Grand Canyon)

Mooney Falls Vertigo by Mark Gvazdinskas on 500px.com

Dreaming by Renee Robyn (taken at Multnomah Falls in Oregon, USA)​

Dreaming by Renee Robyn on 500px.com

Looking Down by Tony Lee (taken at Niagara Falls in Canada)

Looking down by Tony Lee on 500px.com

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