Huge meteor caught on dashcam in Thailand

An incredible meteor was captured entering the earth's atmosphere on a dashboard camera mounted to a car travelling through Thailand.

The footage, which comes from a highway in Bangkok, shows the meteor lighting up the dark road ahead, with the car in front braking in order to get a better look at the extraordinary sight.
The meteor was also reported to have been spotted in other provinces in Thailand, including Chon Buri, Ratchaburi and Khon Kaen, at around 8.35pm.

This isn't the first time that a large meteor has been spotted streaking through Thailand's skies. In September, a bright fireball was seen in several parts of the country. The National Astronomical Institute of Thailand confirmed after several sightings that it was, indeed, a meteor.

A Twitter user, Libpon, said at the time: "I could see it clearly in Chum Pphae district, Khon Kaen province. It's moving west."

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