These British attractions aren't worth your time

Ever felt underwhelmed when you visit a much-hyped famous landmark?

You're not alone. Visiting some of Britain's most famous landmarks is clearly a massively disappointing experience for many travellers - and they're happy to take to TripAdvisor to vent their frustrations. Too many crowds, rip-off entry fees and overpriced tourist that have proved are just some of the complaints.

Stonehenge, perhaps the most well-known prehistoric monument on the planet and described by many as a wonder of the world, is a complete let-down for some holidaymakers, with one even saying: "I'd rather watch paint dry..."

But the "pile of large bricks in the middle of a field," as they put it, are not one of the only underwhelming tourist attractions in the UK.

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The Houses of Parliament has been labelled as nothing more than a "crumbling building," while the world-famous Loch Ness is described as "just a regular lake".

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Then there are the sites that people really regret visiting. The Angel of the North, for example, has been described as a "monstrosity" and the "worst thing that has ever happened to the North East". Harsh!

If you're planning on visiting some of Britain's well-known landmarks, including Land's End, the Royal Mile and Titanic Belfast, you might want to avoid reading what these travellers have to say - or click through to see if you agree with the hilarious reviews.


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