Orca throws seal 80ft into the air (video)

Orca Punts Seal 80 Feet Into Air

A group of videographers filming killer whales off the coast of British Colombia in Canada got more than they bargained for when were out filming recently.

The pod they were filming headed for a large bait ball - an area where birds, seals, and sea lions feed on herring fish - when things took a turn for the dramatic.

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​In the midst of their feeding frenzy, the video shows one of the larger males of the group following a harbour seal through the water, eventually catching up with it and tail flipping the unlucky animal nearly 80 feet into the air.

The seal came down for a rough landing on the water and then appears to have provided a snack for the rest of the whale pack.

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According to the Youtube channel Roll.Focus. Productions this particular group of whales are known as the T69s.

Earlier this year we saw just how much power these magnificent animals have when a group of kayakers off the coast of California got very up close and personal with a whale when it threw itself out of the water, only to land on the unfortunate pair.

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