The TalkTalk Website Cyber Attack Information Update


10:25am - 25/10/2015 - Latest Update

The investigations by TalkTalk and the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit into the cyber attack continue. We can confirm that the latest update of our investigation is as follows:

- This cyber attack was on our website not our core systems

- We can confirm that we do not store complete credit card details on the website; any credit card details that may have been accessed had a series of numbers hidden and therefore are not usable for financial transactions eg 012345xxxxxx 6789

- TalkTalk My Account passwords have not been accessed

- We now expect the amount of financial information that may have been accessed to be materially lower than initially believed and would on its own not enable a criminal to take money from your account

- The Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit criminal investigation continues

All customers should:

- Sign up to your free credit reporting service using this code: TT231. We have partnered with Noddle, one of the leading credit reference agencies, to offer 12 months of credit monitoring alerts for all TalkTalk customers

- Change your passwords - While TalkTalk My Account passwords have not been accessed, it would be prudent to change your TalkTalk password once this service is back up and running, and any other accounts that use the same password. We will update as soon as services are restored

- Report anything suspicious – Keep an eye on your bank account and report anything unusual to your bank and Action Fraud as soon as possible. Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre, and can be reached on 0300 123 2040 or via

- Stay vigilant - TalkTalk will NEVER call customers and ask you to provide personal details or passwords. Please take all steps to check the true identity of any organisation that calls requesting for personal information. You can call us on 0800 083 2710 or 0141 230 0707.