Driver plays in Canadian snow with pickup truck

Driver Makes Most of First Snow in Ontario

With snow having recently fallen on the area around Ontario, Canada, one driver was keen to have a play off-road in his truck.

Evan Caron, of Collingwood, videoed himself performing donuts with his pick-up in the white stuff.
Determined to make the most of the wintry conditions, Caron expertly films himself using a selfie stick whilst churning up the ground.

From the look of the quad being transported in the bed of the pick-up, Caron is going to be having even more fun in the snow later on.

Luckily, at no point does the truck get stuck – despite the mixture of mud and snow appearing to make moving forward quite difficult.

With a raucous engine note, it seems that the truck is powered by a V8 engine which certainly seems to be providing enough power for this particular joy ride.
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