Britain tops list of heaviest alcohol drinkers

66 per cent of Britons were found to drink at least twice a week

Britons Drink More Than the Rest of the World
A new survey found that more people drink alcohol twice a week in the UK than in the US, Australia and several other nations.

A survey by Maxus, a media agency for the drinks industry, looked at the drinking habits of 6,500 people across the UK, Germany, Australia, America and China.

They survey found we are more likely to binge drink, go to the pub or drink at home than people from all of those nations.

66 per cent of Britons were found to drink at least twice a week, followed by China on 63 per cent and Australia on 62 per cent.

The US came bottom of the list with just 55 per cent of Americans saying they drank twice a week. 57 per cent of Germans also admitted drinking twice a week, reports The Independent.

Sobering thoughts

Britons were also more likely to binge drink with 15 per cent saying they had at least one "high energy" night of drinking per week.

Alcohol abuse costs the NHS in England around £21bn per year in healthcare, crime and lost productivity costs, according to Alcohol Concern.

In England in 2012, there were 6,490 alcohol related deaths which is an increase of 19 per cent compared with deaths reported in 2001.

But figures in Russia are worse. 25 per cent of Russian men die before the age of 55 and this is mostly due to alcohol. The figure for early male death in the UK is seven per cent.