We're paying bills and shopping around on the toilet

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Busy Britons are catching up on financial admin tasks in a range of bizarre places - including in the bath, while sitting on the toilet and even while in the dentist's chair, according to a survey.

One in 10 people have caught up on household admin tasks - such as paying bills, checking balances, setting up payments and changing broadband suppliers - while they were in the bath, the study from E.ON found.

Meanwhile, 28% of people admitted to managing their own finances during "work time".

The research was carried out for E.ON to mark the launch of its "smart pay as you go" payment option, allowing customers to manage their energy use and top up their balances when they choose by app, online or by phone.

The survey also found that many people tackle their admin while they are on the go, with 14% using their regular commute as a chance to catch up on such jobs, 12% doing so while shopping and 3% of people doing admin while waiting at the school gates.

More than 2,000 people from across the UK took part in the survey - of which 6% also volunteered to provide their own bizarre administration locations.

Of this 6%, one in five people said they do their financial admin while on the toilet and 3% said they do this while walking the dog.

Some of the more unusual places that people said they had caught up on admin tasks included while sitting in the dentist's chair, climbing up a tree and visiting the Great Wall of China.

Here are the top five places for people to catch up on their financial admin, according to the survey from E.ON:

1. At work during lunch break (42%)

2. At work during "work time" (28%)

3. While "out and about" (20%)

4. While commuting (14%)

5. While visiting a friend of relative (13%)

And here are the top five bizarre places where people have done their financial admin (among the 6% of people surveyed who volunteered this information)

1. On the toilet (19%)

2. While walking the dog (3%)

3. On the London Eye (less than 1%)

4. Sitting in the dentist's chair (less than 1%)

5. On the Great Wall of China (less than 1%)

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