Long term report: Mazda 6 #2

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Narrow driveways mean lengthy manoeuvres

The 6 may be a CD favourite for long motorway journeys, with the punchy diesel motor punting it past slower cars with ease, but it's definitely not as comfortable manoeuvring into London's tighter parking spaces. Posted off to the capital for several events (thank you Hyundai and Infiniti), I stopped off at one of my aunts' houses and lined up to park on the two-car driveway.

Despite having parked here in all sorts of machinery, the 6 proved trickier than normal, because of its size. After toing and froing several times to line up this oversized burgundy beast, I eventually managed to fit the 6 in – all without flattening my aunt's flower-packed flowerbeds. Phew.

Arriving back from Frankfurt after the Hyundai Tucson launch, I returned to hear the 6 had been getting all sorts of admiring glances from the people of Wembley, who all seemed to think my aunt had come into some money...

Hopping back into the 6's comfy leather seat on one of the hottest days of the year, however, the memory I have is scouring the dash for the practically invisible fan buttons to cool down the cabin.

The knowledge:

Model: Mazda 6
Price: £27,655
Engine: 2.2-litre diesel six-speed manual
Power: 173bhp
Max speed: 130mph
0-60mph: 9.1s
Emissions: 107g/km
Mileage this month: 1044
This month's highlight:
Leaping past slow traffic with just the smallest flex of your right foot.
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