Long term report: Volkswagen Transporter Sportline 60 LWB #2

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It's the perfect vehicle for AOL Cars removals – even Dr Who doesn't have this much space when he travels. But that radio... let's be honest, everyone can have too much Jeremy Vine.

It could be quite a dilemma when your daughter says she's renting a flat for the first time, and moving in with her boyfriend. And that, by the way, could you help with moving all her stuff for her...
A dilemma, that is, unless you have a Volkswagen Transporter sitting in the work car park, just ASKING to be pressed into service...

After a little bribe to the video team to take it off their hands for the weekend (some people agree to anything for a drink and a KFC) and Car Dealer Removals was ready to swing into action. And boy, the van is good.

It's a bit like a Tardis. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary van. Well, okay, not ordinary. Ours has 18-inch alloy wheels, colour-coded body trim, spoilers, great trim – and in black, it's pretty striking.

But inside, there's space galore. The second row of seats pop out to offer even more space. There's so much room that emptying a daughter's bedroom, plus several bits of furniture that somehow she's persuaded her mother need to make the trip with her, is a cinch.

60 LWB is powered by a 2.0-litre BiTDI power plant and it rockets. It climbs to 70mph without pausing for breath, and cruises effortlessly along the motorway. And the visibility from the driver's seat is excellent.

There's no way from the elevated perch that it feels as if you're driving something so big.
That's the good news. However, there are a couple of niggles.

The entertainment system went in for a tweak, as the sat-nav kept cutting out. It's better, but a couple of times it conked out and reset itself after we had set off. Good job I knew roughly where we were heading, or we could have ended up anywhere.

And having no grab handles was a bit inconvenient. It is quite a climb into the cab, and while I admit I'm no spring chicken, I'm not quite ready for my Zimmer frame, either. And it was quite awkward getting in.

There's a rear camera, really handy for reversing into tight spots, but after selecting reverse gear, you need to push another button on the dash to get the camera to spring into life. Bit daft, that.

Worse thing of all, though, is the radio. I'm one of those people who believes every new vehicle these days should have DAB as standard, and this VW comes with one. That's the good news. The bad news is that the unit – an aftermarket system from Kenwood – is probably the most confusing I've ever seen. We fiddled with the switches, and eventually gave up. So Radio 2 it was. All the way there and back. Yes, it was that bad...

The knowledge:

Model: VW Transporter Sportline 60 LWB
Price: £37,306
Engine: 2.0-litre BiTDI 180PS 7spd DSG
Power: 178bhp, 400Nm
Max speed: 119mph
0-60mph: 10.2s
Emissions: 211g/km
Optional extras: Electrically heated, adjustable and folding door mirrors (£138), Towbar with 13-pin socket (£576), bi-xenon headlights with daytime running lights, includes headlamp washer system with heated front washer jets and washer fluid level indicator (£1290)
This month's highlight:
Getting EVERYTHING in the back...
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