F1's Max Verstappen passes driving test on 18th birthday


Formula One hotshot Max Verstappen passed his driving test yesterday.

The test, which took place on Max's 18th birthday, means that F1's youngest star can finally drive himself to the races, rather than relying on taxis, or even his father, Jos.
Speaking to fans on his website, the Red Bull prodigy admitted: 'It's great to be 18 and to have a driving license. That I'm finally allowed on the road on my own gives me more independence, which is great! I have to say it's a relief to pass the test.

"If I want to go somewhere on my own, at least now I'm able to jump in my Renault Clio RS and go. That sense of liberty feels great."

Verstappen passed his theory test back in January, but only had his first lesson 10 days ago, spending a total of five hours with his instructor before taking the practical assessment.

The Toro Rosso driver holds the surreal honour of starting 14 Grands Prix before being able to take to the road, a highlight of which was taking an impressive fourth place in Hungary.

With the FIA's recent introduction of stringent new super-licence requirements, Verstappen is unlikely to be challenged for this unique honour anytime soon.

Although undoubtedly the most accomplished 18-year-old ever to sit in an examiners hatchback, young Max conceded he was "a bit nervous to make mistakes," but that "the exam went well".

Verstappen will be back in action at the Russian Grand Prix on October 11th.

Author: Oliver Harry
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