Cruise captains reveal the world's best views from a cruise ship

Where can you find the best views from a cruise ship? According to Royal Caribbean's captains, the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, Sydney Harbour in Australia and Geiranger Fjord in Norway are some of the world's most amazing places to be wowed on a cruise holiday.

Many cruise ship captains agree that the world's most spectacular panoramas are hidden from normal view, only accessible to the more adventurous travellers.

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In a bid to share some of their best-kept secrets, we asked Royal Caribbean's Captains to reveal their most memorable views from the ship's bridge and were surprised by their answers. The English Channel, for example, may not be an exotic cruise destination, but Captain Henrik Loft Soerensen, from Brilliance of the Seas, says it is "beautiful and peaceful". There are other inspiring cruise views that really need to be seen to be believed, such as the "green, jagged volcanic mountains" of the Island of Moorea in French Polynesia.

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With the cruise company sailing to 260 destinations globally, there are many picturesque places the captains have witnessed.

Take a look at 12 of their most unforgettable cruise views below and don't forget to tweet us a snap of the view from your cruise holiday and we'll retweet your photo.

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