Russian oligarch's $400m superyacht is biggest in the world

Russian Oligarch's $400m Superyacht Is the World's Biggest
Russian Oligarch's $400m Superyacht Is the World's Biggest

With eight decks, an underwater observation room, state of the art equipment and only the most luxurious furnishings, this $400 million superyacht belongs to a Russian oligarch and is the world's biggest luxury sailing water craft.

Russian billionaire Andrei Igorevich Melnichenko paraded his masterpiece in the German port of Kiel on Friday, unveiling the gargantuan yacht, named only as 'Sailing Yacht A,' to the world.

Rising 300 feet high and stretching 468 feet from bow to stern, Sailing Yacht A also boasts the largest piece of curved glass ever made.

AT 193 square feet and weighing in at 1.8 tonnes, with a cruising speed of 15 knots and a top speed of 21 knots or about 24 mph, this vessel is Melnichenko's second grand ocean purchase.

The Super Yacht A is an upgrade from his previous yacht, the $290 million model. But not to worry because Melnichenko has a net worth of around $9 billion.

The billionaire's new vessel was produced in a German sailing yard near Hamburg and was designed by the world renowned Philippe Starck.

Starck has a host of other glitzy projects on his resume including the interior designs of the Royalton and Paramount Hotels in New York, but it's hard to imagine how anyone could one-up the Sailing Yacht A.

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