Labour conference 2015: Leader's speech

Jeremy Corbyn makes first major address since leadership election


Jeremy Corbyn is to set out his vision for a 'kinder politics' and 'caring society' in his first address to the Labour Party conference since winning the leadership election.

The Labour leader is likely to touch on rail nationalisation and more rights for the self-employed in a speech that will be designed to introduce him to the wider public.

Party insiders have played down the lack of specific policy announcements, instead he'll use the heightened media platform to emphasise his patriotism – claiming that most Britons share his values.

The party has so far avoided airing sharp differences on Trident and the economy which would have otherwise overshadowed an already fractious conference.

All eyes will be on Mr Corbyn to see how he performs, but also, how he may seek to soothe splits within Labour ranks.
Mr Corbyn is expected to deliver his speech at 14:20 BST you can follow the speech with the live stream above. A round-up of the speech will appear here later.