Britain's most iconic piers celebrated

Britain's most iconic piers

A new exhibition is due to showcase the beauty of Britain's beautiful piers.

Photographs of Britain's Piers by Simon Roberts will be displayed at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery from 3 October until 21 February 2016 and will feature 40 stunning photos of piers around the UK.

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The photos have also been made into an acclaimed book called Pierdom as well as having been displayed in London's Flowers gallery.

Many of the photos have also been displayed in their hometowns, but this will be the first time the photographs have come together in one public exhibition.

Roberts said: "With Pierdom I wanted to celebrate the personality, architecture and history of each remaining structure – as well as some of the spaces where the piers can no longer be seen. I also wanted to investigate the connections between the landscapes and the communities that live and play against the backdrop of these pleasure piers.

Adding: "I'm delighted that the whole exhibition of prints will be displayed together for the first time in my home town of Brighton, arguably the home of the pleasure pier!"

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Roberts used an old five by four inch plate camera to take the photos, drawing inspiration from Frith's own style.

The photographer said: "The pleasure pier was interesting because in some ways it actually tracks the economic fortunes of the British coastline."

"The piers also have an interesting link to photography. So, the great Victorian photographer Francis Frith was one of the last British photographers to really make an archive of all of these piers around the coastline."

Take a look at the slideshow below to see some of Simon Roberts' beautiful seaside pictures.

Britain's most iconic piers in pictures
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Britain's most iconic piers celebrated

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