Famous Blues Brothers scene created entirely from Lego

The famous shopping mall scene from the movie Blues Brothers has been painstakingly recreated entirely out of Lego.

The scene, which sees the brothers smashing through shopping mall windows and through display stands, is one of the most iconic in movie history.
In light of this, the entire scene has been re-imagined out of Lego by company Brick Tease.

Designed frame-by-frame, the famous Bluesmobile had to be custom made. Using a computer program, both the Bluesmobile and the chase police cars were designed before being built by hand.

With nearly 900 separate floor tiles on the entire set, there were over 5000 bricks and individual pieces used to create the visually stunning scene.

It took 10 hours for creator Duncan to piece together the entire set, going from a flat and blank board to a completed shopping mall.

The video has now gained nearly 700,000 views on YouTube. Previous movie recreations include the James Bond movie Casino Royale, as well as The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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