'Friends': The one where Central Perk came to London

Set recreation 'felt like coming home,' says Gunther

Celebrating 'Friends': The One Where Central Perk Came To London
The set of 90s hit sitcom Friends has been lovingly recreated in east London by TV channel Comedy Central.

The channel, which currently airs episodes of the show, are staging a five day event called 'FriendsFest', where they have recreated a full-scale set of Monica's apartment as well as the famous 'Central Perk' cafe, where the lives of the characters were played out as millions around the world tuned in.

Now fans can experience the sets where Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe became global stars. At least the lucky few who got tickets will - they sold out in 11 minutes.

"It felt like coming home ... when I walked in this amazing exhibit," said actor James Michael Tyler, who played Central Perk barista Gunther. "It really is surreal."

Props from the show are also on display, including 'Pat', Joey's ostentatious dog statue he bought with his earnings from soap 'Days of our Lives'.


Friends first aired in 1994 and wrapped 10 years later. The series is still hugely popular today. Some fans have hoped for a reunion, something cast and crew have said was unlikely to happen.

"They ended it at the right time honestly," Tyler said. "They wrapped everything up nicely. Why would we visit something like that? They would be in their 40s now. Suffering like that, that wouldn't be so funny would it?"

Could we BE any more disappointed? Friendsfest will run from Wednesday until Sunday at east London's Boiler House venue, near Brick Lane.