Driver and passengers get stuck after flash flood strikes

YouTube/Chris and Lydia Wyler

This incredible video shows the moment a woman is pulled from her stricken car after a large flash flood.

The border between Arizona and Utah has experienced incredible flooding, and this woman was unlucky enough to get caught right in the middle of one.
Not only is the woman in the car, but she is accompanied by other passengers who all need assistance in order to get out from the car.

The footage shows how rescue services attempt to hold the car in place to stop it from drifting away and taking its passengers with it.

The force of the water can be seen towards the end of the video, as the rescuers begin to lose their fight with both the car and the flood. The vehicle begins to shift back slowly but surely.

Luckily, the water isn't quite knee height, meaning that those stuck in the car are just about able to walk away from the car with help from emergency service members.

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