World's first sandcastle hotel opens (video)

New "Sandcastle" Hotels Are Actually Made of Sand
New "Sandcastle" Hotels Are Actually Made of Sand

We've heard of ice hotels. And cave hotels. And even underwater hotels. But sandcastle hotels are a new one on us.

Not one but two sand hotels have opened in the towns of Oss and Sneek in the Netherlands.

Zand Hotel is comprised of two constructions from sand, built as part of the annual sculpture festivals in Friesland and Brabant.

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The hotels include fully furnished one-room suites decorated with intricate sand sculptures including dragons, the Terracotta army and the Great Wall of China.

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Believe it or not, these sandy creations offer all mod cons, including electricity, running water and even wifi available. Walls are encased with reinforced sand to keep them insulated.

The sand hotels were inspired by the ice hotel creations in Sweden and Finland.

According to CNN, it took organisers a month to construct the sculptures which will remain there until the end of the festivals on 28 September (Sneek) and 4 October (Oss).

The hotel's website describes the experience as staying in a 'magical world of sand' and the best part is it won't cost you an absolute fortune. One night in a sand hotel will set you back €150 (£110), but unfortunately this year's accommodation is all sold out.

Don't panic though because they've already planned next year's creations with additions in the UK and Germany too...

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