Why now is the time to buy a private island

Now's the Time to Buy a Private Island
Would you like the idea of having bright white sands and crystal clear blue waters all to yourself?

Well, instead of being unreasonably high, the prices for private islands are a lot lower than you might think.

Since the recession in 2009, it's been difficult to sell off private islands, presumably because people have realised they're not one of life's necessities!
It seems the multi-millionaires aren't buying private islands like they used to because the headaches that come with owning your own plot of land in the ocean aren't worth it anymore.

NGOs and National State Governments are stepping up to the plate however and buying up these island spaces for altogether different purposes.

Private islands are not longer the domain of wild, all-night parties and secluded holidays, but instead these spaces are being used to protect and preserve the local wildlife.

Nonprofit companies in Maine, USA own 65 islands which are used to protect seals and sea birds.

Similarly the Discovery Islands off the coast of Abu Dhabi are used for the protection of baby osprey and nesting turtles.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust also plans to buy 200 islands to protect the nature and wildlife that live there.

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