Tourist dies after 300m cliff fall in Norway while having photo taken

Australian woman dies after 300-metre cliff fall in Norway

An Australian exchange student has fallen to her death from a popular cliff tourist hotspot in Norway.

Kristi Kafcaloudis, 24, was posing for a photograph at Trolltunga, or 'Troll's Tongue', on Saturday when she fell 300 metres to her death.

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The site is visited by thousands of tourists and famously has no safety rail, despite being so high up.

Kristi, originally from Melbourne, was an arts and science degree student who had started studying at the University of Bergen in Norway last month, reports the BBC.

Australian woman dies after 300-metre cliff fall in Norway

Speaking to, Terje Kvalvik, from Hardanger police, said Kafcaloudis had stepped too far to the right when it was her turn to be photographed.

He explained: "Many people wanted to step out to be photographed, and there was a queue. When it was her turn, she stepped over some rocks at the rock face. But she walked too far to the right and fell."

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The site adds that Kristi had hiked up to the famous promontory, one of Norway's leading tourist attractions, with two friends, and the trio had met a larger group at the site.

Speaking to ABC News, Ms Kafcaloudis' mother, Milli Kafcaloudis, said the family were "mortified", adding: "We are only consoled by the fact that Kristi was doing what she loved with her friends and living a life full of adventure and dreams.

"But we are mortified by the loss of such a talented and lovely young woman with her whole life before her."

VisitNorway says it is a 10 to 12-hour hike to reach Troll's Tongue, with the starting point being at Skjeggedal.

The trek is described as "long and hard", but the views upon arrival have been described as "spectacular".

Trolls Tongue (Trolltunga), Norway: Tourists strike a pose
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Tourist dies after 300m cliff fall in Norway while having photo taken
The Trolls Tongue hangs 2,000ft above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The views are magnificent and thousands of tourists flock here every year, despite the five-hour hike.
The precipice was formed during the Ice age, approximately 10,000 years ago, when the edges of the glacier reached the cliff.
Getting to Trolltunga involves a five-hour hike through the mountains of Hardanger close to Odda and Tysse.
Beautiful norwegian landscape with mountains on the the way to trolltunga

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