Movie industry boosts traditional toy sales

Movies Are Helping Traditional Toys Make a Comeback

Now that iPads, video games and mobile phones are so popular, it feels like good-old fashioned toys have been forgotten.

But, according to new figures, this isn't so and there's an interesting reason why.

Thanks to a spate of new films, traditional toys are making a comeback. The Lego Movie, which was released last year, massively boosted sales for the Danish company.

But that's not the only movie to have boosted the iconic stacking-brick company's sales. New ranges to coincide with the releases of films including Jurassic World and Elves have seen Lego's revenue increase by 23%.

According to the BBC, these increases exceeded those of Barbie manufacturer, Mattel and on Wednesday the company announced strong first half earnings.

But Lego are the only ones who are benefiting from the movie merchandise business.

Hasbro was also positively affected by the release of 2015 blockbuster, Jurassic World.

Hasbro have also won the rights to make toys based on some of Disney's famous princesses.

The upcoming release of blockbusters, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, are also likely to see a boost in the traditional toy industry.

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