Driving instructor's elbow broken in road rage attack

The shocking moment a driving instructor was left with a broken elbow after being attacked in a road rage incident was captured on his dashcam.

Chris Barnett, from Essex, took a 17-year-old learner driver out for a lesson when the attack happened.

Learner driver Connor George struggled to pull away after the traffic light turned green and the white Range Rover behind overtook the car before the driver got out to confront Barnett.

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He tells the driver that he is being filmed on a dashboard camera but despite the warning the driver continues to shout obscenities.

During the confrontation, the driver slams the door shut breaking Barnett's elbow.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Barnett said: "I've never had an incident this bad before. This guy was being really aggressive but his attitude changed a bit as soon as I let him know he was on camera. He threatened to break my fingers off."

An Essex Police spokesman told the Daily Telegraph: "We conducted a thorough investigation and voluntarily interviewed a 39-year-old man from Braintree in relation to the incident.

"Video footage of the incident was provided to officers and reviewed.

"Due to insufficient evidence, it was not possible to take this matter further."

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Driving instructor's elbow broken in road rage attack
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