The Fixer: listing a car as "off road"

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Dear Fixer,

Next month, I am leaving London to work in Singapore for a fixed period of six months.

I have arranged to rent out my flat while I am away. However, I am unsure what to do with my car.

I don't really want to sell it just to have to buy another one in six months, but I also don't want to pay for it while I am not using it - especially as my insurance is up for renewal next month.

I can leave it on my parents' drive while I am out of the country. Does it need to be insured if that is what I choose to do?

D Howse, London

Dear Mr Howse,

It is possible to avoid paying vehicle tax and insurance on your car while you are away by keeping it off the road, for example on your parents' drive, and filing a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

You can do this up to two months in advance of your departure by sending a SORN application form to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR, including a letter explaining when and why you will not be using the car.

It is also worth contacting your insurer now to state that you do not need cover from next month in case your policy is an automatic renewal contract that continues unless you cancel it.

Then just tax and insure the car on your return so that you can use it again.

The Fixer

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