Humpback whale swims under tiny fishing boat in amazing video

Humpback whale swims under tiny fishing boat in amazing video

A couple on a private fishing boat got a big surprise this week - when a beautiful humpback whale swam under their tiny boat and gave it a 'hug'.

The small boat was next to a larger whale-watching tourist vessel, which was full of happy holidaymakers viewing four humpbacks in the sea around them.

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The stunning scene took place two nautical miles off the Gold Coast Seaway in Queensland, Australia.

Matt Brown, from Gold Coast Adventures and VideoDriven Productions, caught the moment the whale went under the couple's boat on camera, and uploaded it to Vimeo. He told the Daily Mail Australia: "It was just a fisherman with a little private vessel and I spoke to him and at one stage they just clung to each other when the whale went underneath and everyone was just in awe because they could see from the rooftop of our boat so they had a view from high above.

"I don't think they could feel it but let's just say they could sense the presence that's for sure, but it's amazing how calm and gentle they are."

And, talking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, he added: "They were so close we couldn't turn on the engines to move away even if we wanted to.

"It was easily in my top five whale watching days in the eight years I've been doing this."

Another sightseeing boat was nearby, the Sea World Whale Watch, and manager David Robertson described it as the best day of the year. He said: "The whales were spectacular. There were two whales right next to us swimming around the boat, touching it, they were so inquisitive and interested in us.

"Everyone on the boat was extremely excited, we were all in awe.

"They stayed with us for at least an hour and a half."

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Humpback whale swims under tiny fishing boat in amazing video

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