Top 10 actresses with sexy voices

Top 10 Actresses with Sexy Voices

Whether you could listen to them all day long or wish you sounded like them, a sexy voice is definitely an attention-grabber.

10: Elizabeth Hurley, with an English accent American's go mad for, used her silky delivery playing Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to lure the not-so-super spy.

9: Catherine Zeta-Jones has enticed the likes of Sean Connery and Antonio Banderas on the big screen and Michael Douglas in real life, proving Welsh does sexy.

8: Charlize Theron, despite sounding effortlessly sultry, actually worked hard learning English and a US accent after arriving state-side from South Africa where she was brought up speaking Africaan.

7: French is said to be the language of love, but native French speaker Eva Green acquired an English accent after attending school in the UK, which she used to seduce James Bond in Casino Royale.

6: Sharon Stone's purring intonation in Basic Instinct proved she could be simultaneously sexy and terrifying, while providing a modern-day template for the femme fatal.

Top 5

5: Husky tones are usually a winner, and The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone manages to sound smart, sexy and real all at the same time.

4: The seductive Spanish accent of Penelope Cruz, who is due to star in Zoolander 2, places her, unsurprisingly, high on the list.

3: Perhaps the least well known among this stellar cast of stars is Marion Cotillard. But after starring in Midnight in Paris and Inception, she's becoming known for more than just her flirtatious French accent.

2: As comfortable playing characters with a soft and breathy voice as she is addressing the United Nations with an air of authority, Angelina Jolie is narrowly pipped to the top spot, by...

1: Scarlett Johansson. In 2014's Her, the native New Yorker played a futuristic Siri who stole the heart of Joaquin Phoenix by speaking to him through his mobile phone, proving her appeal can be entirely based on being heard and not seen.

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