Controlled experiment shows terrifying 125mph car impact

YouTube/Rumble Viral

These controlled simulations show the incredible forces that occur in a 125mph car crash.

Performed at the Dynamic Test Centre in Switzerland, the video is a reminder to drivers as to why speed limits are enforced and how driving at higher speeds can drastically affect the outcome of a crash.
There's very little left of each car that is tested, with the speed of the impact demolishing almost every area of the vehicles involved.

The concrete blocks used to brace the impact actually move, with the cars folding around them as the impact hits. This is all important in analysing how speed affects crashes, with stationary cars crumpling heavily under such a high-speed impact.

The Dynamic Test Centre develops and tests new technologies in the field of vehicle and airplane safety. They also analyse accidents, in order to find out how they occurred and also how they can be prevented in the future.

Find out what happened in the video below.

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