Woman stalked by black two bears - here's how she survives (video)

'I figured if I run, I'm his dinner. I'm his meat'

Watch a Hiker Get Stalked by Two Bears and Not Freak Out

Two black bears gave a hiker the fright of her life when they started to follow her on a walking path in Connecticut, USA recently.

Unbelievably, Stephanie Rivkin managed to remain calm when she came across the bears - even when one of the animals attempted to take a bite out of her leg.

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Instead of running away, she managed to keep her wits about her - and she even managed to capture the whole terrifying ordeal on her cellphone.

"I just figured that if I run I'm his dinner. I'm his meat," she said of the encounter. It was only after long ten minutes that the bears lost interest and scampered off.

"I'm a small person - i'm not even five feet tall, and I didn't think I had the capacity to scare a bear," she said.

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The hiking trail has been closed as officials search for the bears.

One of the animal's tagged ears suggest that it has been captured and relocated before, and park officials say that the bear will have to be euthanised because of its aggressive behaviour.

Speaking to people.com, Stephanie said she wished the bears could be saved and instead "moved to a safer area where they're not putting hikers in danger."

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