Driver's response to rude note left on his car windshield

A motorist has shared a "passive aggressive" note left on his car windshield, along with his response.

The driver returned to his car to find a note reading, "Who the hell are you a*****e?"

So he responded in kind, writing: "To better assist with your inquiry, please choose from the following:

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"You are concerned about my vehicle's affect on the grass, but have trouble expressing yourself.

"You think my vehicle is blocking yours, but have trouble expressing yourself.

"You are a note writing enthusiast who has trouble expressing yourself.

"You genuinely want to get to know me, and you have Tourette's."

The notes were posted on Reddit and attracted equally funny responses from social media users.

One wrote: "Well were you parked like an a****e? I don't park like an a****e and I've never gotten a note."

Another said: "You should have signed with: the grasshole".

While one wrote: "Did they come back to read and check the options that you left for them? Please update we're all super interested."

Strange driving laws around the world
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Driver's response to rude note left on his car windshield
The next time you’re in Belarus, be sure to keep your car clean as driving a dirty one is against the law.
In France, although the law imposing an 11 euro fine has been postponed indefinitely, you are legally required to carry an unused  self-test breathalyser in your vehicle.
Expect spot checks of your GPS system in Germany. Police check to see whether it has been set up to alert drivers to where  speed cameras are - if it is you’ll be asked to turn it off.
In Cyprus, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything while driving – the “no drinking and driving rule” doesn’t just apply to alcohol, but soft drinks too.

In Italy, you will be fined for driving into a historic zone, or Zone Traffico Limitato (ZTL), without the correct permit.

If you require prescription glasses to drive, you'd better ensure you have a spare pair in your car next time you’re driving in Spain, otherwise you are breaking the law.
You can be given a ticket for driving too slowly in the USA.

It is strictly taboo to drive without a shirt in Thailand, and doing so could result in a fine.

In Denmark, it’s compulsory to check under your car for people before setting off on your journey

Traffic in Manila, Philippines, is so bad that you are not allowed to drive your car on certain weekdays. Registration plates ending in a 1 or 2 are banned on Mondays, 3 or 4 Tuesdays, 5 or 6 Wednesdays, 7 or 8 Thursdays and 9 or 0 Fridays.
In California, it is illegal for female motorists to wear a dressing gown behind the wheel.

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Weird and funny hotel stories
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Driver's response to rude note left on his car windshield

A guest at a hotel in Edinburgh called reception from inside the room as he couldn't find the door to get out. The receptionist explained that there was only one door, to which the guest replied, “yes, but is has a do not disturb sign on it”.

At a four-star hotel in Milan, a couple arrived with a booking for a double room for two. A few minutes after checking in, the hotel staff were amazed to see the rest of the family trying to climb into the room over the balcony.

On the terrace of their room at a four-star hotel in New York, a loved-up couple got slightly too amorous, in full view of a board meeting that was being held in the opposite office block. One participant called the reception to complain about the passionate distraction. This clearly wasn’t on the meeting's agenda.

A four-star hotel in Las Vegas reported that a shark had managed to get into the swimming pool of the resort.  Hotel staff snapped into action to ensure no gamblers had to play with their lives: a true story that was even on the news.

A guest at a hotel in Barcelona came to reception holding the TV remote control and asked hotel staff how a call could be made with this weird ‘telephone’

Staff of a hotel in Hamburg found a naked, drunk man on the floor of the lobby and put him in an empty room so he could recover. Thirty minutes later another naked, drunk man was found and put in the same room. It later turned out that they were father and son.
A hotel in Spain once had a super-important group of international generals as guests who accidentally left behind a case with an even more important communications device inside. Amazingly, it took a whole month for them to notice it was missing and call the hotel to locate their ‘lost luggage’.

The hotel director of a four-star hotel in Istanbul once had his brother staying in his hotel. He entered his room with a master key to hang out with his brother but found he wasn't there. While he waited for him he helped himself to the contents of the minibar, had a shower and a shave. It was only when the hotel room's occupant returned that the man realised It was not his brother. He was mortified at clearly getting the wrong room!

One early morning a hotel reception in Madrid got a call from a newly married man whose wedding was the previous night. When he woke up there was a man lying next to his wife in bed but neither of them knew who it was and they could not wake him up. It turned out it was a guest returning to the hotel after a night out, who was so drunk he went to what he thought was his room but was actually the unlocked door of the happily married couple.

In a four-star hotel in Dresden the restaurant manager, dressed in black, and the chef, clothed in white, knocked on the door of a room. The guest, an elderly gentleman, opened the door, looked at them saying “Oh, it’s not my time yet to die” and closed the door.

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