Baby gets first driving lesson from Dad

A baby boy has been taken on an early joy-ride thanks to his inventive father.

After attaching a remote control car to his young son's baby chair, the Dad then proceeds to drive his son around the pavement giving him a rather early driving lesson.
His son, however, looks less than impressed.

The baby is taken on a route underneath a large truck, then out and onto the driveway. The baby sits in its seat giggling but rather unenthused about the whole situation.

The remote control car effortlessly pulls the baby and its seat along, with Dad laughing all the while in the background.

He even ups the pace, letting the remote control car accelerate more, to which the baby reacts by putting his arms out of the side of his seat as if on a miniature rollercoaster.

It looks as if the video was captured somewhere in North America, though the exact location is unknown for now.

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