Video captures vicious assault on bus driver

An assault on a bus driver was captured on video, but the suspect says he can't remember the event.

The assault, which happened in Arizona, caused the bus driver involved to shout in protest as the assailant landed multiple punches on him.

Two passengers then managed to wrestle the man to the floor, despite him still throwing wild punches.

This all happened on a moving bus.

The attacker, Kamelo Garcia, was already on probation after an assault on a police officer, but still claimed that the attack "wasn't like [him]."

Prior to the assault, Garcia told a reporter for ABC news that he "bought some beer from the liquor store" before "smoking some spice."

Spice is a type of synthetic cannabis, which has been made illegal in many European countries. It doesn't cause a positive drug test for cannabis when a person is screened, either. Studies have suggested that it can cause acute psychosis.

Assault on Bus Driver Caught on Camera

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