Most unusual home insurance claims revealed

Rosie Vare
Most unusual home insurance claims revealed
Most unusual home insurance claims revealed

Hailstones the size of golfballs, exploding bird seed and pets eating electronics... all sounds a bit far-fetched doesn't it?

Well it's not, these are a selection of real life home insurance claims. Even though we're all familiar with the common phrase 'accidents happen', some are far more bizarre than others.

To celebrate 25 years of insuring homes, Saga Home Insurance has released a list of the some of the most unusual claims they've received:

Lightning strikes twice
One Saga customer in County Durham was unlucky enough to have their house struck by lightning, not once, but twice. The severe storm affected huge parts of the North East of England and saw golf ball size hailstones smashing into properties, prompting yet more insurance calls.

Going off with a bang
One couple had the shock of their lives when plastic containers holding bird seed spontaneously combusted in their garage. Not only were they out of food for their pets, but the explosion caused £36,000 worth of damage to both the building and its contents. Luckily enough the pair were covered and able to fully repair the damage.

Foam alone
One policyholder was surprised to find that instead of having her cavity walls insulated, her builder had been pumping the expanding foam into her cloakroom instead. Thankfully the insurance policy covered the cost of the repairs.

The house by the sea
One couple living by the sea were unlucky enough to become victims of the water's strength when their home was hit by a surge tide. The couple had spent most of their lives renovating the property, which was built in 1902. Despite initially thinking they would have to tear the house down and start again, their Saga policy enabled them to spend more than £200,000 restoring it to its original state.

Never work with animals
Mischievous pets can be a nightmare for their owners, chewing furniture, knocking over priceless antiques... the list goes on. One Saga customer left his hearing aids on a coffee table, only to return later in the day to find that they'd disappeared. It seems that his peckish pooch had taken a liking to them and swallowed them. Surely this is a warning to all those who don't have pet damage included on their insurance policies!

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