More UK graduates in work

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Landing a decent job is tough in today's competitive market, but there is some good news for recent graduates. According to new figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), more UK graduates are in work than at any time since the recession.


Some 82,000 people who graduated in 2011 were quizzed about their employment status in November 2014. The majority (88%) were working, with fewer unemployed or in further study.

HESA has carried out similar research every other year since 2006 - when those who graduated in 2003 were surveyed. Graduate unemployment hasn't been this low since 2008, among graduates who left university in 2005. Those who left university in 2007 had it hardest, with only 86.4% finding work three years later.

Universities and science minister Jo Johnson said: "These latest statistics are a further welcome sign that so many graduates enjoy high levels of employment, but there is more to do to ensure students get the teaching they deserve and employers get the skills they need."

Prof Les Ebdon, director of Fair Access to Higher Education, warned that not everyone was lucky enough to get a university education. Figures show that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are two-and-a-half times less likely to enter higher education than those from the most advantaged backgrounds.

"This ratio jumps at highly selective universities with the most disadvantaged nearly seven times less likely to enter these institutions. It is crucial that closing these gaps remains a priority," he said.

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