Charlotte Rampling: Stripping off on film is horrible

45 Years: 69-Year-Old Charlotte Rampling Uncomfortable with Stripping Off

Charlotte Rampling has revealed she doesn't enjoy stripping off for sex scenes.

The British star, who has an acting career spanning over fifty years, gave a withering description of having to film a sex scene with her friend and fellow actor Tom Courtenay, 78, for their new film, 45 Years.

The 69-year-old star has appeared naked in a number of films including The Night Porter in 1974 and Life During Wartime in 2009.

But she said only people who enjoy group sex would be comfortable taking their clothes off in front of a camera.

"I hated it," she said. "Tom loved wandering around in his underpants. He could've put his trousers back on hours before he did, but he didn't mind at all. But I thought it was horrible."

Playboy shoot

"I'm at ease with my body, but intimacy is intimacy, it's not supposed to be seen," she added. "When you share intimacy with other people it is no longer intimate and it's horrible."

She also posed for naked for Playboy in 1974, but insisted that having to perform intimate scenes was not a pleasant experience, reports The Independent.

"I've always thought this. Despite all that 'Oh, Charlotte Rampling, you've stripped off so much in your life' stuff, I've always thought that unless you're into group sex you don't want to share those intimate moments with people watching."

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