Centenarians reveal secrets to reaching 100

Centenarians on Reaching Age 100: 'I Never Thought About It, I Just Lived'

These sprightly centenarians share their secrets to living past 100, and get to grips with modern-day terminology.

The three: Connie, Norman and Patricia, were born in 1912, 1914 and 1915 respectively, and they were all former Hollywood actors.

When asked what twerking means, Norman says: "Well that means when you take a picture and you're not quite satisfied, you twerk it."

They were then asked what Uber is. Norman says: "That's the automobile, taxi, whatever." Connie adds: "It's good. I've taken it with my family."

Hooking up? No, not looking up, or cooking up, they are reminded. That's "getting married", or "joining up with someone," they say.

Did you expect to live so long?

Patricia says: "I never thought about it, I just lived." Connie adds: "I keep talking to the guy upstairs and I keep saying 'I ain't ready yet.'"

Have they smoked at all during their long lives? Norman "smoked until 1943", while Patricia and Connie didn't but "pretended to."

So, what's the secret to reaching 100? Connie says: "When people ask me how comes I've lived so long I just say 'keep moving'. I always danced, I played golf and I swam."

Norman says: "I had a grandfather who lived to 104 and he would have a whisky every night before dinner."

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