UPS driver caught throwing package onto driveway

UPS Driver Caught on Camera Tossing Package
UPS driver caught throwing package onto driveway
Many of us have experienced that disappointment when something you've ordered online that doesn't quite match up to your expectations.

Or that frustrating feeling when something you've spent your hard earned cash on turns up battered or broken.

For one man in South Florida, this is exactly what happened, and he's got the proof.

Rick Diez is a professional photographer and drone enthusiast who also has cameras on his home monitoring the property.

He was shocked to discover that a packaged he'd ordered was handled with absolutely no care by an indifferent UPS driver.

Rick had ordered a smart battery for his expensive drone and was horrified to find that the package had literally been tossed out of the back of the UPS van onto his driveway.

Diez said witnessing the footage made him "a little upset", and he was thankful that the company who sold him the equipment had taken care to package it properly.

UPS has since taken disciplinary action against the driver as his behaviour was not up to the UPS package delivery standards.

Last year we revealed some of our readers' delivery nightmares which included parcels being left in bins, a glass kettle that smashed after being thrown over the fence and a £100 dress which was stuffed inside a plant pot.

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