Unlucky in love? A free driving course may help

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has launched a new driver assessment programme after research revealed that improving driving skills is the best way to impress a potential love interest.

The initiative, called Love Driving, is offering drivers a free driver assessment usually worth £39, and will be carried out by a qualified assessor.
A recent survey has revealed that one-in-ten of us say that good driving skills are important on a first date, so the Love Driving programme is there to improve a driver's road manners.

The campaign has also gained the backing of Formula 1 champion and IAM president Nigel Mansell CBE.

He said: "Everyone can benefit from advice on how to drive better. The IAM is offering an amazing free opportunity to give every driver out there a chance to be a safer, more efficient motorist. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to look out for each other on the roads."

The sessions are part of the Institute's plan to improve the standard of both riding and driving on Britain's roads in order to cut the amount of people killed or seriously injured through road traffic accidents.

The 60-minute session takes place in the participant's own car and no special requirements are needed, just a driving licence. The IAM is looking to increase driver's enjoyment and safety by taking them through this training.

The sessions must be booked before 31 December and are applicable to England and Wales. Those interested in improving their driving skills can take part in the assessment by visiting the Institute of Advanced Motorists' website.
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